Additional Stain Removal

Oil stains may be unsightly and difficult to remove. Oil will sink deeper into your concrete surface as you wait longer to remove it, making it more difficult to do so. In order to thoroughly clean off oil stains on concrete, we utilize the right cleaning tools and equipment together with hot water. Depending on how long it has been sitting, what “at-home goods” you may have used on top of it, the amount of oil, and the location, such as a gas station, this process may take 2-3 times to remove all the oil.

But with our stain removal services, it is now a piece of cake.


Our oil stain removal process includes:

  • We prepare the space by clearing it of clutter first.
  • Our team will then get organized and start cleaning.
  • Your area will be spotless after we are done.

Our additional stain removal service also includes moving rust and its stain

How To Remove Stain of Rust?

Rust is among the toughest stains to get off external building surfaces. Rust is infamous for severely ingraining itself into masonry, concrete, and other construction materials. It can significantly reduce the curb appeal of your house or place of business.

There is no avoiding rusting. However, professional stain removal protection that is routinely checked and replaced, when necessary, can stop the degradation of priceless components.

One of the traditional uses of mass finishing and shot blasting technologies is the elimination of rust from metal components, which serves as the foundation for additional finishing procedures. The many rust removal techniques that Rösler provides are perfectly suited to the unique requirements of the metal industry.

Before Starting

Unfortunately, it might be difficult to tell a rust stain from a nearby, brown stain. For instance, stains caused by benzoyl peroxide and caramelized sugar can resemble rust. When in doubt, investigate before removing the stain because poor removal techniques might harm surfaces.

When to Call a Professional

Rust can stain your clothing because of a burst, rusted pipe, which causes water to leak into your carpet or couch or into your washing machine, but it is less often than other household stains. Rust stains are among the hardest to get out of clothing since they frequently won’t come out with ordinary washing and will become permanent if you use chlorine bleach. Iron oxide, a mineral-based substance that is tough on all surfaces, including clothing, carpet, and upholstery, is present in rust stains.

Thankfully, our remover service is top notch—we use many of which are created with hydrofluoric or oxalic acid—are efficient and secure for colorcast fabrics. Please check the label of the product you intend to use to see if it can be used on clothing. We make sure to provide professional service with all processes being taken place in an efficient and neat manner. While removing rust stains, we make sure to always use gloves. Make sure not to proceed yourself. Never put an item that is still stained into a machine dryer since the heat might set the stain.

Carpet Stain Removal Service

It makes sense that your carpets and furnishings might easily become spotted, stained, and discolored given how much use they receive on a regular basis. Using the incorrect cure to remove a spot or stain can result in irreversible harm, such as bleaching or increased discoloration.

Call Mr. Ts stain removal specialists before purchasing a bottle of consumer-grade stain remover. Your most expensive carpets and fabrics will rapidly regain their former beauty and newness thanks to our licensed carpet cleaning technicians, who are experienced professionals. Our cutting-edge stain and discoloration removal methods are effective on a variety of trouble spots, including:

  • Fruit juice or oil spills that have dried and accumulated soil have left behind dark stains.
  • stains from red wine, coffee, sauce, blood, ink, or motor oil.
  • Carpet pollutants include sun-fading, bleach stains, and other contaminants.

We will assist in quickly making your carpet or upholstery appear brand-new when it needs serious work, allowing you to go back to your life.

Just search out the best stain removal service near me, sit back, and relax!